Work Study

Work-study programs are available to financially needy students as determined by the FAFSA. The federal government subsidizes the wages earned by the student.  On average, student work 15 hours per week and receive a bi-weekly pay check to assist with personal and miscellaneous school related expenses.

Students must file a FAFSA.  Students who indicate an interest in work study on the FAFSA and who have eligibility will have work-study included on the financial aid award. If you do not have work study on your financial aid award, you may request it in the Student Service Center or by emailing Chiquita McKenzie-Bennett at

Advertisement and informational announcements about the CWS Orientation and Same Day Hire Program as well as approved work-study positions are available in early August for the upcoming academic year on Blackboard.  Students must have a login and password to view information.  This information will indicate participating departments, positions, descriptions, pay rates and other requirements for consideration. 

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