Wellness Services

Wellness Services provides health education, health promotion, and increased access to health care. With exciting new features and links to many companies and institutions, the new and improved Marygrove College heatlh and wellness page is sure to be a hit. With the addition of these new features, Individual counseling is also available to those who have concerns about health and wellness issues. Health-related books, periodicals, videotapes and pamphlets are also available. The Director of Wellness Services maintains a list of health care providers offering free or sliding scale services. Additionally, workshops are presented throughout the year on various issues including reproductive health, AIDS, substance abuse, nutrition, and exercise. PARTICIPATION IN WELLNESS ACTIVITIES IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY.


Student Health
Services Marygrove College places the well being of its students as priority, always. With this in mind, the College wants to ensure that each of its students has, or has access to, necessary medical coverage. Marygrove College's policy regarding student health insurance is that all residential students (those living in Florent Gillet Residence Hall) and international students must carry health insurance coverage. Commuter undergraduate and graduate students are highly encouraged to have adequate health insurance coverage and may purchase the plan voluntarily.

In cooperation with Specialty Risk Group International, Inc., we are pleased to make available a student health insurance plan designed specifically for Marygrove College students. Specialty Risk Group is a leading broker in student accident and sickness plans, providing coverage at a cost you can afford. The plan is underwritten by Combined Insurance Company of America and will provide coverage for a full 12 months when purchased in the fall.

All residential students taking three (3) or more credits will automatically be enrolled in the plan unless they sign a WAIVER FORM containing proof of comparable coverage by the published deadline. Waiver Forms are to be submitted to the College's Department of Athletics, Wellness & Recreation (MC 040) or to the Office of the Director of Residence Life, FG 101. The fee for purchasing the insurance can be applied to the student's account or the student can pay the insurance company directly.

Some benefits of the plan offered by the College and Specialty Risk Group include 80/20 deductibles, coverage of pre-existing conditions (read the policy plan for details), a PPOM Network (www.ppom.com), and options for prescription discounts. The plan's handbook is online at www.specrisk.com/marygrove.

For more information on the plan available to Marygrove College students, please contact Specialty Risk Group International at 877.581.2672 or contact Marygrove's Department of Athletics, Wellness and Recreation at 313.927.1391.


Wellness Link of the Week
The Wellness Link of the Week is one of many changes to the Health and Wellness page at Marygrove College. This link will change frequently with the hopes of sparking interest from our Marygrove community. There will be a wealth of information that comes with every link. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a site, contact Tim Johnston, Wellness Coordinator at 313.927.1419 or tjohnston@marygrove.edu .


For Your Health: Cool Site of the Month
>> www.sparkspeople.com

The For Your Health "Cool Site of the Month" is a new addition to the Marygrove College Health and Wellness page. Every month the link will change to provide our community with the latest and greatest information on living healthy. This is one more step to becoming the new you! Our first site is brought to you by the people at Sparkpeople.com. Sparkpeople.com is an innovative and interactive way for any community to get fit and feel great, all the while acheiving together. All you have to do is click! From there, you will be asked to sign-up for an account (do not worry there is no harm in it). Once you create an account you will be in full control and have an all-access pass to sparkpeople. From there, you can invite friends and have them join your fitness team, or you may join existing teams. After you create your free account you will be able to create a nutrition and fitness plan that is right for you and your team. Do not delay, JOIN TODAY!


Heathy Living: Recipe of the Month>> Rainbow Pizza

This healthy living recipe of the month is brought to you by sparkrecipes.com. Follow the link above to access ingredients and instructions. You can find more recipes by contacting the Wellness Coordinator (tjohnston@marygrove.edu ) or by navigating sparkrecipes.com.


Helfpul Links
This healthy living recipe of the month is brought to you by sparkrecipes.com. Follow the link above to access ingredients and instructions. You can find more recipes by contacting the Wellness Coordinator (tjohnston@marygrove.edu ) or by navigating sparkrecipes.com.

>> Healthyliving.org

>> Sparkpeople.org

>> Runmichigan.com

>> Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Healthy Information Library


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