Volunteer Opportunities


Join an alumni chapter
Alumni chapters exist to foster unity and loyalty among members and to promote Marygrove College's presence throughout the world. There are three types of alumni chapters geographic (such as the Akron Alumni Chapter), affinity (such as a Griot Alumni Chapter) and academic (such as a Master in the Art of Teaching Alumni Chapter).

MARS (Marygrove Alumni Recruiting Students)
MARS volunteers strive to assure the character, quality and diversity of the student body by encouraging bright, talented students to apply to Marygrove. By sharing their own experiences, MARS volunteers help students get to know Marygrove a little better. Alumni may choose to become involved in a variety of activities including: contacting prospective students; visiting high schools; representing Marygrove at College Fairs; interviewing students; or attending or hosting gatherings for prospective students and their families.

Become a mentor to a current student or recent graduate
Mentoring takes many different shapes and levels of involvement. Each provides valuable support to Marygrove students

Level 1 Accept a call or e-mail from a student or recent graduate interested in discussing your field of work.

Level 2 Meet with a student or recent graduate in person to provide career coaching,

Level 3 Visit a department, class or student organization to discuss your career experiences and offer advice.

Level 4 Coordinate exposure to the workplace through job shadowing, informational interviewing or internships.

Level 5 Establish an on-going professional career guidance relationship with a student or recent graduate.

Provide general office and classroom support
Assist in offices or departments when extra help is needed, such as mailings, telephoning, data entry or reorganization of files. Make a presentation or lead a discussion on a topic about which you have special knowledge. Help with small group discussion, special project assistance or accompany groups on field trips.

Organize or support community service projects
Organize a group of Marygrove alumni to participate in a service project or event with which you are already involved. Start a new project with other Marygrove alumni. Help organize a Marygrove alumni group to participate in national, regional or local events such as Make A Difference Day or Clean Sweep Detroit.

Teach a continuing education class
Classes range in scope from gardening and golf to business, professional development, and certification courses. Volunteer to teach something in which you have a particular interest or skill.

Participate in campus beautification projects
Adopt an area and maintain it along with other alums. Help organize a day on campus devoted to general beautification and maintenance.

Serve on a campus special events committee
Volunteer for events that are of particular interest to you such as Homecoming or simply help wherever there is a need.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s achievement—academic, talent, athletic, etc. Scholarships do NOT have to be repaid.

Residence Life at Marygrove College

Residence Life

As a resident of Florent Gillet, you will not only receive meals and convenient housing, you will also be surrounded by social and educational opportunities that promote growth and self-fulfillment.

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