The Teaching and Learning Teams

The Teaching and Learning Teams  (TLLTs) were birthed through the BOLD Grant Initiative funded through the Kellogg Foundation.   The TLLTs are interdisciplinary faculty and staff teams who are in the process of designing and developing curricular initiatives and programs for teaching and training of urban student and community leaders, in year 2 of the BOLD grant, some students have also become a part of some of the teams.  The teams that were established in 2012-Year 1 of the grant-and are still active and include:

Core Values and Principles of Leadership (CVP)- Chair: Jane Hammang-Buhl.  The CVP team is working to establish common values and principles that will guide the urban leadership curriculum work.

Urban Subject Matters (USM) Chair: Dr. Frank Rashid.  The USM team is focused on developing strategies to infuse various facets of urban and city living into the curriculum and across the college.

Artists-as-Activists (AA)- Chair: Rose DeSloover.  The AA team is working to involve various art forms and opportunities in civic engagement and social activism.

Participatory Action Research (PAR)- Chair: Dr. Brenda Bryant.   The PAR team is working to provide the training and guidance to help faculty to include participatory action research into their required course work.

In 2013, Year 2 of the BOLD Grant, four new TLLTs were formed they include: 

Feminist Leadership (FL) - Chairs: Dr. Darcy Brandel and Kalimah Johnson.  The FL team will focus on involving feminist leader scholarship, perspectives & influences and in the urban leadership curriculum.

Non-Traditional Student Leadership (NTSL) - Chairs: Chiquita McKenzie-Bennett, Raquel Welch-Johnson & JahShams Addul-Mumin.  The NTSL team will focus on including the voices and influences of Marygrove students, particularly students who may be nontraditional in terms of age or life experiences, to the urban leadership curriculum.

Social Entrepreneurship (SE) - Chair: Robert Tompkins.  The SE Team will focus on using various forums to involve social entrepreneurship in the urban leadership curriculum.

Sustainability and Ecology (SAE)- Chair: Jesse Cox.  The SAE Team will focus on involving issues around ecology and sustainability in the urban leadership curriculum.

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