Marygrove Hosts 9th Grade Hope Academy Day of Service

This spring, 38 students from Hope Academy in Detroit traveled to Marygrove College to attend a College Day on campus and participate in a service project. Hope Academy Schools for the Future is a transformative, recuperative college prep model for students who need extra assistance in reading and math. Last fall, Marygrove's Office of Urban Leadership established a partnership with Hope Academy and launched a mentorship program between Marygrove's students and staff and Hope Academy's 9th grade class.

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    Hope students and Marygrove student mentors
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    Marygrove Student, Shana Devoe
  • IMG_0299_web.jpg
    Marygrove Student, Omar Thomas

While visiting Marygrove, Hope Academy students learned about the more than 100-year history of the College. They met with Marygrove's Admissions Department; and participated in interactive sessions with Dr. Vivian Johnson and Dr. Minnie Wilson on the value of storytelling and the value of telling their own story. Students also spent time with the Art Department's Mary Lou Greene and her art students to work on their "creative walkway" project. Students created tiles that will be laid into the walking path around campus. These unique, hand-crafted tiles promote a healthy lifestyle and help to champion the cause for individual expression through art.

Hope students spent the rest of the day as college students; they ate lunch in the cafeteria, checked out the dorms, and had a Q&A with Marygrove students. At the end of the day, they were left with new perspectives for the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. One student commented, "I know that you can go through a lot when you are little, but become stronger when you are older." We can't think of a better definition of resilience.

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