BOLD Collaborative Urban Leadership Projects -Winter 2013

Marygrove Student-Led Projects in collaboration with Marygrove Faculty or Staff


Kwahu Health Center Water System Fundraiser
Student Leader: Francesca Frazier /Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Tsui

Project Description: Marygrove Health Science Student Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha and Art Students (graphic design) aim to raise $5,000-$9,000 to implement an adequate working water system for the Kwahu Health Center in Pepease, Ghana. 


Martin Luther King Day of Service
Student Leader: Kevin Martin/Staff Advisor: Jesse Cox

Project Description: The service learning committee will send 20-30 volunteers comprised of students, staff and or faculty at Marygrove College to St. Dominic/St. Leo outreach to serve with the community and participate in the city-wide rally and march at Central United Methodist Church. 


Student Leader: Robert Tompkins/Faculty Advisor: ML Greene

Project Description: To foster the premise of urban leadership on campus by developing and managing a student-led micro funding initiative titled PACO Soup.  


Pontiac Honors Club
Student Leader: Raquel Welch-Johnson/Staff Advisor: R. Smith

Project Description: To provide at-risk Pontiac youth with an opportunity for engaging enrichment activity to enhance their education through projects as well as contact with Marygrove students who will go on field trips and have interactive discussions with the youth around postsecondary education. 


Recovery Concepts
Student Leader: D Dudek and J Foltz/Faculty Advisor: D. Clark

Project Description: To provide peer-based recovery support for individuals in the Detroit area and as a result create an environment where long-term sustainable recovery from drugs and alcohol can be realized within the context of the community.  SHAR is a partner in this project. 


Students Becoming Urban Historians
Student Leader: Darrell Strozier/ Faculty Advisor: C. Okezie

Project Description:  Implement a lesson plan in a History of Michigan Class taught at Cesar Chavez Academy High School in Detroit.  The lesson plan is based on a historical look at the role of Michigan in the anti-slavery movement from 1830-1865.

Marygrove Faculty/Staff-Led Projects in collaboration with Marygrove Students


Gentlemens Roundtable (GRT) 180 Program
Staff Leader: Chiquita McKenzie-Bennett

Project Description: To move participating GRT male students to the next level of growth, to move participants well beyond the ten-block radius of experience through: professional development including image-building; networking with State Representatives and Senators; and participating as mentors to middle and high school students. 


video-player-icon socanomics>Watch Now Master Dance Classes/Talk Back w/ Selena Watkins
Faculty Leader: Judith Molina/Student Leaders: Dance majors

Project Description: The Institute of Music & Dance at Marygrove will engage middle and high school students, as well as college students, in mentoring sessions with urban leader and acclaimed dancer Selena Watkins. 


SASHA Center Peer Educational Support Group
Faculty Leader: K. Johnson/ Student Leader: Laura Wesley

Project Description: To support and ongoing SASHA Center culturally-specific peer support group series that has been successful in Fall 2012 in collaboration with the Womens Center, as well as with community members who self-identify as sexual assault survivors in the Detroit area. 


Sigma Zeta Tutoring/Mentoring with 826 Michigan
Faculty Leader: Brian Crane/Student Leaders: Sigma Zeta

Project Description: Assist with the expansion of 826 Michigan to K-12 Detroit students via Marygrove student members of Sigma Zeta, a math and science honor society, providing tutoring for K-12 students at targeted schools. 


Shared Paths to Freedom (African-Mexican Exhibit)
Faculty Leader: Lourdes Torres/Student Leaders: International Association

Project Description: The African-Mexican Exhibit will be at Marygrove during the month of April 2013.  Middle and high school students will come to campus to see the exhibit.  The purpose of the exhibit is to teach about slavery and emancipation in Mexico. 


Visual Thinking Strategy (VTS) Training
Faculty Leader: Chris Seguin

Project Description: The project will substantively train Education and Visual and Performing Arts Division Faculty and selected students in the structured but open-ended discussion generating technique called Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to foster engagement and learning leadership skills.

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