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bold logo black subtitleThe BOLD Initiative (Building Our Leadership in Detroit)a 3-year Kellogg-funded effort to develop an urban leadership curriculumis a cornerstone in the building of the Colleges strategic vision of fostering urban leadership.  A key ingredient of the BOLD Initiative is the establishment of Teaching and Learning Leadership Teams (TLLTs).  These teams of faculty and staff will explore concepts and pilot learning activities aimed at developing students capacity to lead in urban communities.  These teams will also be key contributors to a faculty-led curriculum approval process that builds upon knowledge gained through the exploration and piloted activities and culminates in an urban leadership curriculum. 

Another key component of the BOLD initiative is the establishment of the Office of Urban Leadership (OUL).  The OUL will facilitate, plan, and implement an integrated portfolio to advance urban leadership both internal and external to the campus.   Career Services within the OUL will engage students in career development opportunities including nonprofit internships, community volunteering and opportunities with urban leaders advancing social change in metro Detroit.  More about the activities of OUL can be found on this page.

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