2017-18 Graduate Tuition
Description Tuition
Credit Courses on Campus $735 per credit hour
Graduate Course Audit $410 flat rate per class
Credit Courses delivered Online $590 per credit hour

** Off-site courses taken in conjunction with classes delivered on-campus will be charged on-campus tuition and fees.
** Graduate students taking undergraduate courses will be charged graduate tuition and fees.

2017-18 Graduate Fees
Description Fee
Registration Fee $120
Technology Fee $55 (excludes MAT Online Program)
Student Activities Fee $60 (not applicable to online grad students)
Transcript Fee $25 one-time life time fee
MAT Online-Program Fee $450 *one-time fee *first semester only

Fees - *All Fees are per semester

2017-18 Other Fees
Description Fee
Credit by Marygrove Exam $90 (per credit hour)
Credit by Assessment $70 (per course assessed)
Nationally Standardized Exams $20 (per exam for which credit is requested)
Graduation  Application Fee $100

Financial Aid Available

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