Undergraduate Transfer Students

Transfer students make up the largest population of students at Marygrove because of the ease of attending classes, convenient class scheduling, quality of instruction and accessibility of professors and resources. You can begin the process of joining other transfer students by completing a few simple steps.

First, request that an official transcript be sent to Marygrove College, Office of Admissions, from each college or university you have attended. If you have earned fewer than 24 semester credits, a high school transcript is also required.

For admission to Marygrove, your college transcripts must show a minimum of a C (2.0) or better cumulative grade point average. Most of our transfer students excel in their studies and qualify for academic scholarships at Marygrove. However, students who have been academically dismissed from other academic institutions may not be considered eligible for admission to Marygrove College.

If you attended a community college and do not have an associate's degree, you may need to submit proof of your high school graduation (i.e., diploma, transcript of GED scores) to be eligible for financial aid.

Generally, Marygrove will accept college level courses from accredited institutions on transfer if you achieved a C or better grade in the course and if the classes are comparable to course offerings and programs of study offered at Marygrove.

You need to be certain you have included all colleges attended on your application. Any college or institution not listed on the application at the time of admission will not be considered for transfer credit later.

NOTE: Failure to disclose all colleges/universities attended may result in immediate disqualification from admissions process.

There are some differences in the number of transfer credits that Marygrove will accept depending on the kind of institution previously attended. If you attended only two-year colleges (community colleges), you may transfer a maximum of 64 total semester hours of credit. If you have attended only four-year colleges or universities, you may transfer a maximum of 98 semester hours of credit, but the maximum number of transferable lower division credit hours (100 or 200 level or their equivalent) is 84.

If you have attended both two-year and four-year institutions, you may transfer a maximum of 98 semester hours of credit from all institutions attended. A maximum of 84 credit hours of lower division courses will be accepted and a maximum of 64 credits will be accepted from the two-year institutions.

Once you are accepted and enrolled at Marygrove, you will need to complete at least 30 semester hours of credit at Marygrove. Of the 128 credit hours needed for graduation, at least 36 must be upper- level courses (300 or 400). You will also need to fulfill the other requirements for a bachelor's degree.


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