Transfer Student Advantage Scholarship Information

As a student transferring to Marygrove College you may be eligible for some great academic & financial perks. Marygrove offers noncompetitive scholarships that are renewable up to 3 years ranging from $4,200 - $10,500 per academic year. All you have to do is three simple steps and Marygrove will do the rest:

  • Fill out an application online or in person
  • Complete your Fafsa
  • Have your official transcripts sent from the schools you have attended

If you would like to have your transcripts evaluated and to sign up for a campus tour we can be reached at 313-927-1240.

Transfer Advantage /How to transfer to Marygrove College

Transferring to Marygrove College is easy and gives you the chance to experience assistance from Marygrove's Admissions staff from the first inquiry, all the way to the first day of class.

Here are the steps to transferring to Marygrove College

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Financial Aid Available

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