Title IX Investigation

The Title IX Director will be responsible for overseeing the investigation and resolution of complaints of sexual assault. In the event a complaint of sexual assault involves both students and employees as parties, the Title IX Director and the Student Affairs Deputy Coordinator shall coordinate the investigation and resolution of the complaint. Upon receiving a complaint, the Title IX Director and designated representative shall proceed with an investigation of the allegations within 14 calendar days.

Other College officials may assist in gathering facts during the investigation and information from campus security or local law enforcement officials may be considered. Both parties will be given the same opportunity to present relevant evidence and witnesses, including character witnesses. If the alleged perpetrator is allowed to review the complainant's statement, the complainant may also review any statement by the alleged perpetrator. The investigation process should take approximately 30 days from the day the report was made. At the conclusion of the investigation, both complainant and respondent will receive the final report.

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