Marygrove College Strategic Plan

Marygrove College 2018-2021 Strategic Plan


To the alumni, students, friends, family, and supporters of Marygrove College: Dr. Burns portrait shot in brown jacket head-middle of arm

For more than a century, Marygrove College has distinguished itself not only as a prestigious institution of higher learning, but also leader in social justice and an anchor institution in northwest Detroit.

Over the course of 113 years, the world changed. And so has Marygrove College.
We built a new campus in the city of Detroit in 1927 and there we remain, despite suggestions that we relocate, merge, or close entirely. We educated women and people of color when it was “unsuitable” and when too many Americans said that higher education wasn’t ready for integration. We pioneered a distance learning Master in the Art of Teaching program when people doubted alternatives to face-to-face learning. We partnered with Detroit Cristo Rey High School, creating a dual-enrollment program that gave inner-city seniors the opportunity to earn college credits for free.
And in 2017, when faced with diminishing undergraduate enrollment and fiscal uncertainty, we made another bold decision: adapt to a drastically shifting market by suspending undergraduate programs to concentrate on master’s-level education and professional development.

Today Marygrove College celebrates its rich history while remaining poised for an exciting and vibrant future. I look forward to the next chapter in our story and wish to thank those of you who continue to support our mission.

As we forge ahead, I invite you to review the institutional priorities laid out in the Marygrove College 2018-2021 Strategic Plan – four primary themes that both outline our future and ensure that we realize our goals.


Elizabeth A. Burns, MD, MA



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Scholarship Programs

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