You will be interested in a Spanish minor if you want to teach or work in a multicultural environment. A Spanish minor can also prepare you for graduate school in many fields.

You will be interested in a Spanish Translation Certificate if you have advanced Spanish proficiency and plan to pursue a translation career. This curriculum will prepare you for the American Translators Association (ATA) certification. You can also pursue this certificate if you wish to communicate more effectively in a multilingual work environment.

Areas of Concentration

  • Minor in Spanish
  • Translation Certificate in Spanish
  • Elementary Teacher Certification
  • Secondary Teacher Certification


Teacher Translator Study Abroad Advisor Bilingual Assistant Customer Representative Court & School Mediator Foreign Service Worker Technical / Media Writer Editor Proofreader Court Reporter Research Analyst Consultant, Health Care Representative / Patient Advocate Personal Banker Manager, Linguist


  1. SPA 150 and SPA 151 can be used to fulfill general education requirements. Credit earned for SPA 150 and 151 cannot be applied toward a Spanish minor.
  2. Advanced Placement and CLEP credit in Spanish can be applied toward the elective hours needed to complete a minor. You can receive up to 12 hours of credit. A language proficiency exam is required to be placed in courses SPA 250 and above; this is administered by the Program Director.
  3. If you are placed into SPA 350 Advanced Grammar and Composition, you must still complete the 20 credits required for a minor in Spanish; you will not receive credit for SPA 250 or SPA 251.
  4. Spanish 300- and 400-level courses are taught online.
  5. First-hand Language Experience
    You will find that you will get the most out of your language program if you take every opportunity to speak Spanish and to immerse yourself in Spanish-speaking cultures. You can earn Spanish credit while studying overseas through Marygroves Study Abroad program. Work and volunteer abroad opportunities, summer jobs, and work/study placements can also put you in touch with Spanish-speaking people. To earn a Spanish minor, you are encouraged to participate in an approved study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country, or approved equivalent.
  6. Students are strongly advised to sit for the Diploma de EspaƱol como Lengua Extranjera - Certificado Inicial exam, though they are not required to pass the exam in order to earn a minor in Spanish.

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