Social work attracts a special breed of individuals. It's not a job as much as it's a calling—one that impacts peoples lives powerfully. A Marygrove degree in our vast field is very valuable for work in the service profession. Your drive to make the world better can have you aiding all demographics. Your calling might be to help the homeless, or provide counseling for the youth, or assist HIV/AIDS victims and those at risk. As a social worker, you can get involved at a macro level, creating or participating in community organizations, creating policies or advocating for change in government.


Be prepared

handpile4Marygrove's Social Work Department will prepare you for this and much more with our team based teaching and student-driven courses. Teachers divide teaching tasks according to their strengths, optimizing your ability to understand and learn. Courses are taught through a shared syllabus allowing a better assessment of your progress and a harmonious transition between social work classes.

Passionate. Accredited. Involved. Ready for you.

Engage Your Passions

pebblesWe engage you to be in the moment with fully interactive classes. You won't find the old-fashioned lecturing-from-the-podium teaching model here. Faculty are more often seated amongst the students, allowing capped classes of 12-18 students to find their own voice and understanding through discussion and presentations. This gives you a thorough understanding of the material and a feel of control and direction of the program. You won't find a better learning atmosphere, whether you're transferring with previous social work education, as many of our students do, or trying social work for the first time. You will develop confidence, friendship, and knowledge through class involvement. We intend to model you as a quality social worker for the community. Be Prepared to Get Involved!


Enjoy Our Campus

campus medMarygrove's campus provides you with all the comforts away from home as you pursue a social work education. Social Work majors have access to two personal computer labs and a lounge complete with mailboxes for declared Social Work majors. Classes are always a short leisurely walk from each other, amidst the foliage of trees and open space. You're sure to make friends along the way amongst the diverse student body. Our comfortably sized learning atmospheres, student-driven courses, and personable faculty are only a part of what makes us the best. The Social Work Department is an accredited program by the Council on Social Work Education which sets bachelor and mastery level social work education standards internationally.

We keep to these standards by staffing only experienced faculty with a Master of Social Work education. We constantly assess our program and students to gauge our strengths and areas needed for improvement. We gear our services to a diverse student body. Our own ingenuity combine with the accredited standards guarantees you a proper education in your field.

Find an Internship

gerontology minorInternships, an integral part of your learning experience, will have you working hands-on alongside professionals in the field. Agencies such as the Coalition of Temporary Shelter or Child Protective Services will allow you to observe how cases are handled, only to then give you the responsibility of handling your own case. Marygrove students are employed through these opportunities and are constantly pushing the standards on service learning.


Get Involved

consumer-activism1Outside of school, you will have ample opportunity to continue making your mark in society. Our four distinguished student organizations give you a medium to reach out to the community and make friends along the way. While each organization has its own events, they do collaborate and students are known to belong to multiple organizations.


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