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feeding midtownWelcome back Alumni! Marygrove remains your home. You can still expect the same connection, and learning opportunities regardless of how the faces or campus have changed. The place that challenged you to learn and grow can still push and support you in any stage of post-collegial life. As Marygrove descendants, you are encouraged to stay connected both on campus and online with us. Join the Marygrove Alumni community by signing up below.

Be back to campus for our educational and holiday events. Reunite with the old gang. Revisit the faculty and see the growth that has taken place since you've last stepped foot here. Our December 9th  Faculty, Student, Alumni Celebration allows a  time to build networks and connections. Past friends and associates from your school years can be potential business partners or offer inspiration.

More important than revisiting the past is being active for the future. Be part of an upcoming professionals growth and change. Your continued presence gives you the opportunity to positively impact future Social Workers. Students are always eager to interview Social Workers in the field for class assignments. Senior Seminars give you the chance to see what incoming social workers are studying.  Stay connected for a fulfilling interaction with your Marygrove home and a chance to make a difference.          

Our Continuing Education program is an open invitation for you to participate. Join us at our Behavioral Health Care Friday Lunch-and-Learn. Workshops address different areas of expertise for social work license renewals. Sessions have covered topics such as recovery oriented systems of care and alternative treatment for sexual assault survivors. Speakers have included Marcella Wilson from Matrix and Michael Johnson, a local addictions and recovery specialist who is nationally known.

We welcome you to present your own area of expertise at our Lunch-and-Learns. Contact Debbie Henselmen to find out how:

Since you've left, your student organizations have changed and grown. Be sure to see their latest accomplishments:

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