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Social justice education is important. The Master of Arts in Social Justice Program flows from the mission of Marygrove College. The program is ideal for those interested in learning about theory and practice that promotes social justice and change. It provides for analysis and reflection in the ways of thinking about the values, assumptions, and the actions that maintain the economic, political, and cultural structures that shape our lives. It also seeks to build competencies and skills to transform these structures toward a more just society. In addition, this program seeks to create an internal culture of justice among the candidates.Anyone interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit management; politics and government affairs; public interest advocacy, organizing, and law; international or multicultural affairs; diversity and/or social justice consultation; human services; and the media will benefit from the master’s degree in Social Justice.At the end of the program participants will have developed competencies in:

  • conducting social analysis
  • understanding the dynamics of organizational development
  • managing the leadership of social justice initiatives
  • unmasking the assumptions that shape economic political and cultural structures
  • advocating effective strategies to maximize potential for social justice

The Social Justice program is a 36 credit hour program comprised of fifteen courses that meet on campus one weekend per month. In addition to each weekend, there is pre and post class work. Students are required to begin pre-work assigned one month before the weekend and complete post-work one month after. Students must complete all pre-work prior to attending the weekend class. In lieu of a master’s thesis, a practicum and master’s project are required.


Applicants must meet all requirements as specified in the “Graduate Admissions” section of this catalog. Other requirements may be determined by the program coordinator at the time of the interview. The Social Justice program is a cohort program that accepts students in the Fall and Winter semesters.


Required Courses (33 credits)SJ 500 Social Foundations (2)SJ 510 Campaigns and Elections (2)SJ 625 Leadership and Organizational Development I (2)SJ 635 Leadership and Organizational Development II (2)SJ 520 Values in Society: Sources and Resources (2)SJ 530 The Role of Psychology in Social Justice (2)SJ 505 Economic Analysis of Structures: Globalism (2)SJ 524 Environmental Justice (2)SJ 620 Religion and Justice: Conflict and Congruence (2)SJ 640 Organizing for Social Change (2)SJ 630 Understanding through Empiricism (2)SJ 645 The Media and Its Effects on Social Issues (2)SJ 605 Justice in U.S. Economic Structures (2)SJ 503 Human Rights and the Literature (2)SJ 650 Reflection Seminar (2)SJ 660 Master’s Project (3)Electives (3 credits)Choose one of the following courses.SJ 655 Social Justice Practicum (3)SJ 525 Special Topics (3)

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  • Master of Arts in Social Justice

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