SJ 525 Special Topics

Does your faith inform your civic participation? Do your values compel you to act, but you don’t know how? Do you wonder what the role of the faithful is in reforming our society?In this era of domination, illegitimate authority, social violence, and spiritual disempowerment, faith traditions can provide a resource for resistance and reweaving human community.Locally, Detroiters are ruled by various forms of “Emergency Management. What are people of faith called to do in this moment? Accessing a variety of faith traditions, this course will help students develop their own theology of resistance. Pedagogically, this development will be focused by reading texts in diverse sites of struggle in the city, supplemented with common readings, contextual Detroit history, non-violence training, student initiated direct action, and common reflection on all.SJ 525 Special Topics: The Theology of Resistance – a new course open to the community — offered by the Master of Social Justice — will be held every Thursday evening from 6-9pm, Fall Semester, 2012.Enrollment Details: 

  • Audit the course (requires no degree): $320/credit (3 credit course); you will get no graduate credit for the course
  • If you have an undergraduate degree and want to take it for credit: enroll as a “special” student (you would get 3 graduate credits towards the Masters of Social Justice program and/or 3 graduate credits that you can transfer into another graduate program (if the graduate program allows credit transfer): $640/credit hour
  • If you are in Marygrove’s consortium (i.e., Madonna or UDM) and want to enroll for graduate credit: enroll as a “guest” student; $640/credit hour 

For further details about this class, contact Dr. Brenda Bryant at or Elena Herrada at To enroll for the course, please contact Emily Crisman at (313) 927-1367 or

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