Programs: Math & Science

Biology (28)

The Department of Biology offers undergraduate programs for students interested in careers in teaching; research; graduate study; medical, dental and nursing schools; scientific illustration; technical writing; industrial technology; pharmaceutical work; the Peace Corps; natural resources; public health; and food and drug technology.

Biology Courses (23), Biology Careers (1)


Chemistry (23)

Are you curious? Do you like to explore problems? Do scientific questions fascinate you? Do you enjoy working in a laboratory? Do you want to better understand matter, molecules, atoms, and how they react? If so, you will be interested in a chemistry major or minor.

Chemistry Courses (18), Chemistry Careers (1)


Forensic Science (18)

The Forensic Science Department has three major objectives: (1) to provide a strong interdisciplinary forensic science major within a liberal arts framework for those entering forensic-related jobs in industry or the government or preparing for graduate work; (2) to provide cognate backgrounds in chemistry, biology, math and physics others who may require this major; (3) to provide non-science majors with sufficient background to understand advances in technology and an ability to apply scientific knowledge to
Forensic Science Courses (12), Forensic Careers (1)


Health Science (34)

If you have a passion for science and helping others, a career in health sciences could be for you. The Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in Health Science is designed to provide the student with a broad-based science curriculum with interdisciplinary components for those students seeking employment in a health-related field.
Health Science Courses (25), Health Science Careers (1)


Mathematics (32)

The Department of Mathematics offers undergraduate courses in mathematics, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics for elementary teaching, a minor in mathematics, and a minor in mathematics for elementary teaching.
Mathematics Courses (22)


Pharmacy Technology (10)

The physics courses at Marygrove courses provide a general introduction to physics.
Pharmacy Technology Courses (7)


Physics (6)

The physics courses at Marygrove courses provide a general introduction to physics.
Physics Courses (4), Physics Careers (1)



Discover all the places you could go with a Marygrove Science or Mathematics degree.

Science and Math Overview

Science and Math Overview

Marygrove's Science and Mathematics department teaches students to go beyond simply learning. Through STEM, students are given a foundation to generate new knowledge.

Science and Math Potential Careers

Potential Careers

STEM opens up a world of opportunity. From biotechnologists to computer software engineers, students have a diverse range of career choices.

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