Physics Careers

Physicists have the requirements to work in almost any field. Understanding physics is understanding the worlds natural governing laws such as motion, energy, structure, and interactions of matter. Physicists experiment with these laws by observing, measuring, interpreting, and developing theories to explain celestial and physical phenomena. New technologies are the result of a more thorough understanding of the governing properties of the natural world. Physics is needed to build bridges, explore the ocean and space, or even re-invent conventional items. Jobs requiring physicians therefore, are plentiful. A physicist can get a job as a:

  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Clinical Scientist
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Oncology Physicist
  • Solar Energy Physicist
  • Science Journalist
Computer Software Engineer

Computer Software Engineer

Computer Software Engineers have the benefit of working in a popular and expanding field. Software engineers derive the interpretations of a designer or manager into mathematical representations, resulting in a program that functions according to a system of mathematical laws (i.e. physics).

Science and Math Overview

Science and Math Overview

Marygrove's Science and Mathematics department teaches students to go beyond simply learning. Through STEM, students are given a foundation to generate new knowledge.

Science and Math Potential Careers

Potential Careers

STEM opens up a world of opportunity. From biotechnologists to computer software engineers, students have a diverse range of career choices.

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