Pharmacy Technology Courses

Introduction to Pharmacy Technology PHT 101

This course provides an overview of the qualifications, operational guidelines, and job duties of a pharmacy technician. Topics includes history and the scope of pharmacy, legal and ethical guidelines, pharmacy operations, medication control, policies and procedures, and medication safety.

  • Prerequisites: none.

Medical Terminology PHT 118

This course is designed for students with an active interest in the medical and paramedical fields. The course provides the student with the fundamental principles needed to understand medical vocabulary. The student will learn to use the techniques of word building with an emphasis on spelling, pronunciation and the meanings of medical terms as related to the systems of the human body.

  • Prerequisites: none.

Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians PHT 121

This course provides an introduction to basic concepts of pharmacology as they relate to all of the body’s systems, and presents basic pharmacology with emphasis on drug therapy. The course content includes drug laws, terminology, therapeutic classes of drugs, indications, side effects, contraindications, and generic and trade names.

  • Prerequisites: PHT 101, PHT 103, PHT 118, PHT 130.

Hospital Pharmacy PHT 123

This course explores the unique role and practice of pharmacy technician in a hospital pharmacy. Students will be introduced to the daily operations of hospital pharmacy including the process of medication distribution systems, inpatient drug delivery systems, unit dose chart files, quality assurance, drug storage, preparations of intravenous admixtures, compounding, manufacturing and repackaging, and inventory control systems..

  • Prerequisites: PHT 101, PHT 103, PHT 118, PHT 130.

Pharmacy Practice I PHT 130

This course focuses on the skills necessary to interpret, prepare, label, and maintain records on medication orders and prescriptions. This course will train the student in the administration of supply, inventory, data entry, and third party billing. The students will learn the many dosage formulations and administration, how the body metabolizes drugs, and will have a basic understanding of how drugs are classified and what conditions or diseases each class of drug treats. Role-playing will be used. Students will apply for PTCB exam.

  • Prerequisites: none.

Pharmacy Practice II PHT 131

This course is an overall review process of pharmacy practice with hands on labs to evaluate student’s abilities to perform various pharmacy computer operations related to the community pharmacy practice setting. Students will demonstrate proficiency in prescription processing, professionalism, communication skills, and pharmacy laws.

  • Prerequisites: PHT 101, PHT 103, PHT 118, PHT 130.

Pharmacy Technology Field Practicum PHT 170

This is an exploration of the unique role and practice of pharmacy technicians in a pharmacy with emphasis on daily pharmacy operations. Students will be assigned an experiential training site and work under the supervision of a registered pharmacist for approximately 80 hours. Emphasis is placed on assisting the pharmacist in serving patients, medication distribution, inventory control, and pharmacy operations. The last 6 weeks of the course will include an overview and review of pharmacy practice to prepare the student to take the national PTCB exam.

  • Prerequisites: PHT 101, PHT 103, PHT 118, PHT 130 Fee: yes.

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