Jana Abolins


Jana Abolins

Jana Abolins

Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jana earned her bachelor and masters degree at Michigan State University and her Ph.D. at Wayne State University.

Jana was born in Riga, Latvia and escaped with her family to Germany after the Russian occupation during World War II. There, they spent five years in a refugee camp until being sponsored to the United States. She and her family arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan where she developed a love of mathematics during high school.

Jana has since settled in Dearborn, Michigan where she has raised a family and taught at Marygrove College for over thirty years. She is also a member of The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

She enjoys tennis, having earned many titles in both single and double tournaments and taught it professionally. She also likes to ski with her family. Since Latvias independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Jana spends every summer in Riga, the 811-year-old capitol city with her friends and relatives.

Marygrove has a long standing relationship with Latvia when the Marygrove choir performed their national anthem at the University of Latvia in 1989. The visit resulted in Latvias Jazepa Medina Boys Choir visiting Marygrove College the following year.

Latvia is known as the land that sings. Every five years the Latvian Song festival is held where about 30,000 people make up the mass choir. The song festival will take place again in 2013. Wouldnt it be something if you, too, were there!


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