Biology Careers

Biology Careers
Graduates from the Biology Program have a wide variety of career opportunities available to them. Marygroves graduates in biology are particularly well-suited to work in research, healthcare, conservation, education, biotechnology, forensic science, government and policy, business and industry, economics, science publishing and communication.

Our graduates have stated that the strong background in biology, library and laboratory research experiences; oral and writing communication skills; and computer literacy training provided them with the tools to become successful leaders in their chosen fields.

  • Healthcare (physician, veterinarian, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist)
  • Allied Health (physical therapist, nurse, physician assistant, pharmacist, dietician, clinical lab scientist, genetic counselor)
  • Math/Engineering (bioinformatics, epidemiologist, nanotechnologist, biomechanical engineer)
  • Industry (pharmaceutical researcher, food safety, drug testing/quality control, sales representative, journalist)
  • Animal Care & Research (zookeeper, marine biologist, wildlife and fisheries)
  • Legal (bioethicist, forensic scientist, biotechnology patent law)
  • Artistic (medical illustrator, bio-animator, molecular visualization)
  • Environmental (conservation biologist, agricultural scientist, forestry)
  • Plant biology (botanist, horticulture, landscaping, ethnobotanist)
  • Education (biology teacher, college professor, science consultant)
  • Government (national health (FDA, CDC), city/community health official; Peace Corps)


A biologist has a promising future as a biotechnologist. Biotechnology is expected to grow as the industry evolves to meet the needs of the world. A bio-technologist uses living organisms, usually a cellular derivative of an animal or plant, for scientific research. They develop products to protect the environment, fight illnesses and disease, and develop cleaner and more efficient manufacturing processes.
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