General Information

The Bachelor of Science with a Health Science group major requires 51 credit hours in required coursework, 11 credits in relate discipline requirements, and completion of the following components

A. General Education Requirements

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B. Required Core Courses (29 credits)
BIO 118 Medical Terminology
BIO 150 Biology I: From Molecules to Cells
BIO 271 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 272 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM 130 Chemical Science
CHM 230 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
HSC 101 Introduction to Health Professions
MAT 103 Mathematics for Health Careers

C. Upper-level coursework for the Pre-Professional concentration (22 credits)
BIO 321 Microbiology
HSC 320 Nutrition & Exercise for Wellness
HSC 327 Pathophysiology in Nursing
HSC 408 Pharmacology in Nursing
ISC 312 Junior Seminar: Speaking and Writing in Science
ISC 496A Science Senior Seminar: Library Research
ISC 496B Science Senior Seminar: Laboratory Research

Related Discipline Requirements: (11 credits)
A. Philosophy Requirement (1 course required): PHL 126, PHL 201, PHL 225, PHL 228, or PHL 276
B. Psychology Requirement (2 courses required): PSY 205 and PSY 321

Suggested Elective Courses: 
HSC 321 Nursing Informatics
HSC 388 Cooperative Field Experience

Science and Math Overview

Science and Math Overview

Marygrove's Science and Mathematics department teaches students to go beyond simply learning. Through STEM, students are given a foundation to generate new knowledge.

Science and Math Potential Careers

Potential Careers

STEM opens up a world of opportunity. From biotechnologists to computer software engineers, students have a diverse range of career choices.

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