Scholarships are awarded based on a student's achievement—academic, talent, athletic, etc. Scholarships do NOT have to be repaid.

Scholarships and educational assistance are available from a variety of sources....employers, organizations, banks and credit unions, religious organizations, community foundations and MANY other organizations. A surprising number of scholarships go unused because students don't ask. ASK your area organizations if they offer scholarships or educational benefits. Find out what the application process and award amounts are. You may be surprised how much money you can get to help fund your education.

Free, reputable scholarship search tools are listed in the links below. Marygrove College also offers a variety of academic and talent scholarships.



Nelnet College Planning

Watch out for scams.

Some businesses take advantage of students and families trying to find the best ways to pay for college by charging fees for scholarship applications and FAFSA completion. Common scams include the following promises:

  • "GUARANTEED financial aid"
  • "We'll do all the work"
  • "Money-back guarantee"

If you believe you have been scammed, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

FTC Information on Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

Report a Scam to the FTC

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s achievement—academic, talent, athletic, etc. Scholarships do NOT have to be repaid.

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