Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal and state regulations require the establishment and enforcement of a satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy for students who are receiving federal and state financial aid. The regulations require the measurement of cumulative GPA, rate of progression, and maximum time frame.   Marygrove College students are considered to be making SAP if they consistently:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (undergraduate) or 3.00 (graduate).
  • Complete 67% of attempted credits.*
  • Do not meet or exceed 192 attempted* credit hours (maximum for undergraduate students ONLY).


Attempted credits* are any credits for which the student enrolled.  Attempted credits* include withdrawn, incomplete, failed, and repeated courses.  Transferred credits accepted by Marygrove College are included in the 192 attempted credit hour maximum.  Attempted credits* does not include dropped, audited or continuing education courses.

SAP is monitored at the end of the Winter semester each academic year.  Students who fail to meet any of the three requirements will be placed on financial aid SUSPENSION.  While on financial aid suspension, the student will not be eligible for any federal, state or other financial aid program that requires the student to be making SAP.  Students are notified via their Marygrove email account in early June when they are not meeting SAP. The notification will include what is required for the student to regain financial aid eligibility.

Students have the right to appeal the suspension status if they have mitigating circumstances they believe prevented them from maintaining or achieving SAP.   A letter from the student and all supporting third-party documentation is required to appeal the student’s financial aid suspension status.  All appeals must be submitted to the Student Service Center. 

Appeals are reviewed on an individual basis and will be approved or denied within 2-4 weeks after receipt of all required documentation. The student will be notified of the appeal decision.  If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation and will be eligible for financial aid on a probationary basis.  The terms and conditions of the probation will be issued to the student in writing.  If the appeal is denied, the student will remain on Financial Aid Suspension and will not be eligible for financial aid.

Appeals may be submitted:


BY MAIL: Student Service Center

Marygrove College

8425 W. McNichols Road

Detroit MI 48221-2599

FAX: (313) 927-1533


PLEASE NOTE:  The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSSFA) SAP policy may differ from the academic SAP policy of Marygrove College. While a student may be considered in “good standing” with Marygrove College, they may not necessarily be making Financial Aid SAP.

Questions about the SAP Policy should be directed to the Student Service Center at 313-927-1692.

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Scholarship Programs

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