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Overcoming Organizing Obstacles Webinar

Classroom Tips and Strategies with Charity Preston.

Because teachers have to achieve so much in the course of their day, we want to help.

Files to make. Papers to check. Papers to return. How do teachers keep it all together? Join Marygrove Master in the Art of Teaching’s very special guest, Charity Preston, creator of The Organized Classroom Blog. She’ll show you how to organize three critical components of your classroom: papers, supplies, and fixtures. She will provide strategies and ideas you can use now in this informative, jam-packed session.

You'll learn:

  • Effective ways to manage the piles of paper you accumulate every day.
  • Simple and affordable bulletin board strategies.
  • Tips for organizing students’ desks and supplies…plus much, much more!

Creating a more organized and efficient classroom is within your reach! Charity makes it fun

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Overcoming Organizing Obstacles Webinar