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K-6 Reading Comprehension Best Practices Guide

Like any skill, reading “muscles” become stronger when exercised regularly. However, just like any sport or exercise, a competent coach is vital to individual progress. As the reading coach in your classroom, you must motivate as well as instruct.

We’ve compiled a Best Practices Guide that can help you build a successful reading program in your classroom…today.

These strategies really work. No fads, no politics; just common sense scholarship for K-6 reading comprehension.

 What you'll find inside:

  • What every teacher should be doing to foster better reading and comprehension
  • A dozen comprehension strategies you can use now
  • Top 10 things you should know about good readers
  • A checklist for assessing the comprehension environment and instruction in your classroom
  • Reading comprehension red flags
K-6 Reading Comprehension Best Practices Guide