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How to Achieve Picture Perfect Math Webinar

Join in the discussion about teaching math in a different way with Marygrove College Master in the Art of Teaching’s Charles Pearson, Ph.D.

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Dr. Charles (Chuck) Pearson is a veteran educator with more than 30 years under his belt. As a former elementary school teacher for 14 years, and principal for nine, Dr. Pearson knows the challenges teachers in all environments face, day in and day out.  He’s here to help!

Maybe math isn’t your first love, and that’s ok. There are many tools elementary school teachers can use to make teaching mathematics effective and fun! Dr. Pearson will give you some interesting ideas on how to tie children’s literature to math lessons for optimal student engagement. You’ll see the difference it makes in even the hardest to reach students.

Watch Our FREE Webinar “How to Achieve Picture Perfect Math,” On Demand Now!

Could your mathematics instruction use some improvement? Dr. Pearson says every teacher needs a boost every now and then; it keeps things fresh for you and your students.

He'll explain why

  • Building a math literacy classroom library is vital
  • Picture books inspire greater connectedness to math lessons
  • For some learners, this may be the only way to get them excited about math
How to Achieve Picture Perfect Math Webinar