Psychology is a discipline devoted to understanding the thought and behavior of people, and then channeling that knowledge into social and psychological services.

The program at Marygrove offers a sequence of courses, which take you through the areas of psychological development, socialization, learning, dysfunctional behavior and experimental psychology. The program is intended for day students only. The psychology major prepares you to be an informed and engaged citizen in our ever-changing world with respect for diversity and social justice issues.

Areas of Concentration

  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Art/Psychology
  • Interdisciplinary Major ( B.A.)
  • Psychology Minor


B.A. Level: Business Corrections Health Education Mental Health Service Rehabilitation

Graduate Level: Clinical & Counseling Psychology Government Administration Human Resource Management Industrial & Organizational Psychology Teaching and Research


Academic Performance
Only psychology courses with a grade of C or better can be applied to fulfill the major requirements.

Transfer Students
The Department of Psychology generally accepts transfer credits from accredited institutions of higher learning. For psychology majors, at least 15 credit hours in psychology must be earned at Marygrove. For the minor, you must take a minimum of nine psychology credit hours at Marygrove.

Sequence of Courses
Required and elective courses are offered on a rotating basis.

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