Minor Program in Pre-Law

The following courses are required for completion of the pre-law minor. Students in the pre-law minor program will be required to take at least one course from each area PLUS one additional course from the area of their choosing, for a grand total of no fewer than 21 credits. Courses chosen to fulfill the requirements of the pre-law minor may also be applied towards fulfillment of the student's general education or major requirements to the extent allowed in those programs.

A. Required Core Courses

1. Analytical Reasoning (3 credits)

           PHL 250: Intro to Logic

2. Close Reading (3 credits)

Choose One
           ENG 260: Approaches to Literary Studies
           PHL 201: World Philosophical Traditions I
           PHL 202: World Philosophical Traditions II

3. Oral and Written Communication (3 credits)

           ENG 308: Business and Professional Writing

4. Public Service and Promotion of Justice (3 credits)

Choose One:
           SOC 202: Social Problems
           POL 210: Introduction to Leadership

5. Background Knowledge (3 credits)

Choose One:
POL 149: American Political Systems
           POL 201: Public Administration
           POL 203: Public Policy
           HIS 252: US History to 1877
           HIS 253: US History since 1877
           CJ 110: Introduction to Criminal Justice

6. Exposure to the Law (3 credits)

Choose One:
SOC/POL 358: Law and Society
            PHL 220: Philosophy of Law (course forthcoming pending approval) 

B. Elective (3 credits)

To reach 21 credits in the Minor, students may choose a second course from any of the areas listed above. Those students who plan to pursue entry into a law school are strongly advised to select their additional course from Area 6.

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