Philosophy Minor


Students wishing to enroll in the philosophy minor program must be students in good academic standing at the College.

Students who enjoy philosophy wish to develop their philosophical skills or who are considering careers in law, business, engineering or medicine, religion or the arts can all benefit from a minor in philosophy. The minor in philosophy requires 20-21 credit hours in philosophy courses as indicated below:

A. Core Requirements (6 credits)

PHL 126: Persons and Values, or PHL 156: World Philosophical Traditions

PHL 276: Critical Thinking, or PHL 150: Introduction to Logic

B. Electives (14-15 credits)

Students may complete the minor in philosophy with any combination of philosophy courses. The remaining 14 credits are chosen in accord with an individualized plan created by the student, the student’s academic advisor, and the Philosophy Program Coordinator. For more information contact the Coordinator of the Philosophy program.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

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