Parking Permits and Tickets

There are several parking lots on campus for faculty, staff, and students, but there are rules and regulations to use them.

Parking Permits
Faculty, staff and students need to purchase a parking permit to park in the parking lots. Parking permits cost $15 per semester ($30 per year). The parking permits are little plastic signs, and people are required to hang them from the rearview mirrors in their cars where they are visible. Parking permits can be purchased in the Campus Security office which is the Liberal Arts building room 130 which is a small office to the side of the main doors in the Liberal Arts building.

Parking Violations
There are places on campus where it is against the rule to park. Cars parked there will be ticketed. The fines for parking violations are:

  • $25 - Parked in handicapped spot
  • $15 - Parked in fire lane
  • $15 - Parked blocking a fire hydrant
  • $10 - All other violations (for example, failure to obtain a parking permit)

Students who are ticketed will have the amount charged to their account. If a student feels that a ticket was issued incorrectly, they have ten days to appeal the ticket by scheduling a hearing with the director of Campus Safety. At the hearing, a panel of three members from the Safety Committee will hear the student's appeal and dismiss the ticket or make the student pay.

The Parking Enforcement Unit of the Detroit Police Department will issue tickets to chronic violators of Marygrove's parking policy. Payment for these tickets will have to be made to the City of Detroit.