Minor in Business

A minor in business consists of the following components:

A. Related Discipline Requirements
Three hours in computer information systems and three hours in economics.

B. Core Requirements
BUS 173     Introduction to Business
BUS 304     Business Law I
ACC 224     Principles of Accounting I
ACC 234     Principles of Accounting II

C. Required Courses in one Area of Concentration
Select one of the two following concentration sequences of either accounting or general business.

1. Accounting
BUS 307     Finance

Choose at least two from:

ACC 324     Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 334     Managerial Accounting
ACC 354     Federal Income Tax Accounting

2. General Business
BUS 266     Principles of Organization and Management
BUS 302     Principles of Marketing

Choose at least two from:
BUS 308     Business and Professional Writing
BUS 310     Financial Investment Strategy
BUS 314     Business Law II
BUS 320     Ecommerce
BUS 322     Consumer Behavior
BUS 323     Human Resource Management
BUS 332     Sales Management Strategies
BUS 333     Entrepreneurship
BUS 342     International Marketing
BUS 368     Quality Management Principles
BUS 382     Business and Professional Ethics
BUS 384     Consumer Money Management
BUS 385    Business Applications Using Excel
BUS 423     Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations
BUS 496A      Senior Research Seminar: Current Issues

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