Michigan Required Reading Course


Students who successfully complete the Reading 510 course will be able to:

  • Understand formal and informal literacy assessments
  • Identify appropriate strategies for remediation of reading disabilities
  • Plan differentiated instructional methods
  • Administer, interpret, and evaluate assessment instruments


Annette McDole
Online Academic Specialist Education Department
(313) 927-1501 or

Diane Brown, PhD, IHM
Chair Education Department
(313) 927-1273


Michigan’s PA118/32 law now requires all Michigan teachers to take a reading diagnosis and differentiated instruction class prior to receiving their Professional certification.


If you are currently a Marygrove student, please contact your program coordinator. If you are not currently a Marygrove student, you can take the Reading 510 course as a “Special Student.”
1.  Please contact the Admissions Office at (313) 927-1240 or info@marygrove.edu to learn about Special Student Status.
2.  You must complete the Special Student Application and the Special Student Registration form, which will be provided by your Admissions Counselor, and e-mail them along with a copy of your teaching license to your Admissions Counselor.
3. Be prepared to buy your books. You may use any book vendor you choose. Be sure      to buy your books in time to receive them before class starts.
4.  NOTE – You do not have to purchase MyEducationLab separately. You also do not have to register online for MyEducationLab. This course uses the videos from MyEducationLab, which are bundled into the course materials.

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