What it will cost you.

We believe that the Marygrove MAT program is a smart investment in your career– and your future–  which is hard to put a price tag on these days. However, you can expect to pay roughly $16,355 in tuition for our 30-credit program. That's $511 per credit hour, which, by comparison is very reasonable for an advanced degree. You''ll take two courses per term, and finish in five semesters, which means you can become a Master Teacher in just under two years!

We also have convenient payment plan options outlined below. Choose one that's right for you. 

Surprises are great, but not when it comes to your finances.

In addition to tuition costs you'll need to know how our fees are organized, so you can plan properly.

Administrative Fees

Program Fee: $450 billed your first term.

This is a one-time program fee of $450 that is billed to your account your first term. It includes an online access fee and Capstone Project evaluation fee.

Student Services Fee: $100 per semester.

This fee provides access to Web Advisor, which allows you to see your bill, review your financial aid status, and access your Mentor and grades. It entitles students to email for life and library services, which include: email reference service (where you can send questions related to research); access to 60 databases of periodicals including ERIC; access to the library catalog where you can borrow books online; and the net library with more than 24,000 eBooks. In addition, you get access to an online writing center that helps you with APA Writing Style and other questions related to writing assignments.

Materials Fee: (Optional) $80 per course or $160 per semester.*

This per course fee is nonrefundable and includes all required texts, journal articles, any other materials you need to complete the course, applicable taxes, and shipping and handling. The Textbook Plan automatically sends the appropriate materials directly to your home address each semester, and affords students many advantages. No shopping around for the correct editions, no ordering or waiting for books to become available. The non-refundable flat fee is $80 per class and is well worth your time and peace of mind!

*Students may choose to opt out of this fee by electing to purchase their own texts and materials at their own risk, since there is no guarantee of availability from other sources. ISBN numbers and retail prices for all texts and supplemental materials can be found on the online Marygrove Campus Bookstore.

We'll even help you do the math!

Here's how the cost of your education breaks down, for your financial planning:

Semester One 
Fall 2017

Tuition (six credit hours x $511): $3,066
Per Semester Student Services Fee: $100
One-time Program Fee billed your first term: $450
Total Estimated Cost = $3,616

Semester Two
Winter 2018

Tuition (six credit hours x $511): $3,066
Student Services Fee: $100
Total Estimated Costs Winter 2016 = $3,166

Semester Three
Summer 2018

Tuition (six credit hours x $511): $3,066
Student Services Fee: $100
Total Estimated Costs Summer 2016= $3,166 

Semester Four 
Fall 2018

Tuition (six credit hours x $511): $3,066
Student Services Fee: $100
**Total Estimated Costs Fall 2016=$3,166 

Final Semester Five (hooray!)
Winter 2019

Tuition (six credit hours x $511): $3,066
Student Services Fee: $100
**Total Estimated Costs Winter 2017=$3,166

Estimated Grand Total for completing your Master in the Art of Teaching Degree: $15,330

Easy Payment Plans are available!

We also have a Tuition Management Systems plan that makes fitting payments into your budget much easier. Call our help line toll-free at 855-MATMARYGROVE or sign up for the plan at

Apply for the Marygrove MAT program online for free today.

It costs you absolutely nothing to fill out an application.

Tuition Payment Options

Marygrove College is now offering a great and hassle-free way for you to plan and pay for your education. Tuition Management Systems (TMS) is an interest-free payment plan where you can make monthly payments each semester.

  • TMS is a monthly payment plan that lasts for up to (12) months or (3) semesters each year.
  • There is a nonrefundable fee to enroll. Amount of fee varies based on the plan you choose.
  • You pay the same amount each month, except for your first payment which must include the enrollment fee.
  • All payments are due by the 15th of every month.
  • Late payments are subject to a $30 late fee.

To sign-up for the plan, go to

Pay in Full at Registration:

  • Pay your tuition and administrative fees in full at the beginning of each term.
  • Payments are accepted by check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard.

Pay with Financial Aid:

  • IMPORTANT! If you plan to apply for Financial Aid, start now! Apply for financial aid at the same time that you apply to the program.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Visit the FAFSA website at
  • You will be asked for a school code when you fill out the FAFSA, Marygrove College's Title IV School Code is 002284.
  • Get a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at With a PIN, you may apply online and receive results faster.
  • The Federal Processor will process your application in three to five days.
  • Marygrove College will process your request for financial aid after all required financial documents have been completed and received.

When your award is ready, you will receive an email with instructions for reviewing and accepting your award.

Third Party Payment:

  • Students must submit a voucher from a third party (i.e., employer, school district) authorizing Marygrove College to bill the third party.
  • Veteran's Benefits are available to students from the Veteran's Administration. These benefits vary depending on the student's Chapter of Eligibility. Only Chapter 31 will be included in employer reimbursement. For more information please contact the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs toll-free at 1-888-442-4551.

MAT at a Glance

MAT at a Glance

Teaching is an investment in our society's future. Marygrove's MAT program will help you to maximize the impact of that investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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