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Without a doubt, teaching is one of the most rewarding career paths out there. As an educator, you have the opportunity to empower students and instill in them an unwavering passion for learning. 

We're teachers, too which means that we understand the needs of working educators. It also means that passion and empowerment is behind everything we do in Marygrove College's Master in the Art of Teaching program. 

Is the MAT program right for me?

Our MAT curriculum is completely online and custom-tailored to fit the needs of working teachers who already have an undergraduate degree and a valid teaching certificate.

Our program is designed around certified educators who want to:

  • Work with experienced and caring mentors who are invested in your professional development
  • Enhance your classroom with forward-thinking curriculum ideas you can use right away
  • Complete your coursework online at your pace & on your schedule (you have 6 years to complete your degree!)
  • Have access to video case studies featuring renowned education experts and classroom practitioners
  • Invest in your own professional development and potentially augment your current pay scale

Why Marygrove?

Marygrove College, an educational institution rooted firmly in the city of Detroit, has been a leader in teacher education since 1905. We were also at the forefront of the distance-learning and online-education movement in the 1990s and since then more teachers have earned their MAT degree from Marygrove College than from any other college or university.

What it Will Cost

We believe that the Marygrove MAT program is a smart investment in your career and your future which is hard to put a price tag on these days. However, you can expect to pay roughly $13,200 in tuition for our 30-credit program. That's $440 per credit hour, which, by comparison is very reasonable for an advanced degree. You'll take two courses per term, and finish in five semesters (or you can take up to 6 years), which means you can become a Master Teacher in just under two years! We also have convenient payment plan options and offer a five percent group discount for applying with at least four other students! 



Teacher as Leader

Meeting the Needs of All Students

Instructional Design

Effective Assessment

Teacher as Researcher

Evidence-Based Interventions



Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, K-12

- Research-Based Instructional Strategies

- Student-Directed Learning to Foster Motivation and Engagement

- Classroom Assessment for Todayƕs Teacher

- Teacher as Everyday Hero

Elementary Reading & Literacy, K-6

- Foundations of Reading and Literacy

- Assessment & Intervention for Struggling Readers

- Reading in the Content Areas

- The Reading and Writing Connection

Elementary Mathematics, K-5

- Problem Solving and Number & Operations, K-5

- Measurement and Geometry, K-5

- Algebra, K-5

- Data Analysis and Probability, K-5

Middle Level Mathematics, 6-8

- Problem Solving and Number & Operations, 6-8

- Measurement and Geometry, 6-8

- Algebra, 6-8

- Data Analysis and Probability, 6-8

Effective Teaching for the 21st Century

Technology Track

- Classroom Technology Tools

- Digital Literacy

- Online Teaching and Learning

- Technology Issues/Curriculum Planning

- OR-

Classroom Track

- Classroom Technology Tools

- Digital Literacy

- Creativity and Innovation

- Cultural Literacy

Capstone Project

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Dr. Isabel Beck, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Diane Briars, Consultant/President, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics

Dr. Marvin Cohen, Bank Street College

Dr. Ceri Dean, McREL

Dr. Jane Doty, Consultant/Author

Dr. Nell Duke, Michigan State University

Dr. Paul Eggen, University of North Florida

Dr. Susan B. Empson, University of Texas

Dr. Connie Juel, Stanford University

Dr. James Kaput, University of Massachusetts

Dr. Donald Kauchak, University of Utah

Dr. Ann Lieberman, Stanford University

Experts and Contributors

Dr. Robert Marzano, Consultant/Author

Dr. Jay McTighe, Consultant/Author

Dr. Louisa Cook Moats, Researcher

Dr. Jeanne Ormrod, Researcher/Consultant/Author

Dr. Michael Pressley, Michigan State University

Dr. Timothy Rasinski, Kent State University

Dr. Judah Schwartz, Harvard University

Dr. Deborah Stipek, Stanford University

Dr. Dorothy Strickland, Rutgers University

Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, University of Virginia

Dr. Joseph A. Torgeson, Florida State University

Dr. Grant Wiggins, President, Authentic Education

MAT at a Glance

MAT at a Glance

Teaching is an investment in our society's future. Marygrove's MAT program will help you to maximize the impact of that investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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