Master in the Art of Teaching with a Focus on Elementary Reading and Literacy, K-6

The online Master in the Art of Teaching with a Focus on Elementary Reading and Literacy is a program of study that accomplishes two goals. First, it concentrates on developing instructional leaders. Second, it concentrates the content knowledge elementary teachers need in order to earn an online degree in reading and literacy and be effective teachers.

Students in this online degree in reading education program complete six core courses, three capstone projects and the specialized courses below.

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RDG 500 Foundations of Reading & Literacy

This online reading and literacy course provides teachers with a comprehensive knowledge base in the reading process and facility with the most effective instructional and assessment techniques. Based on research with internationally recognized master reading teachers, this course enables participants to identify effective theories and principles for teaching reading in the five major components of the reading process Ñ literacy, phonemic awareness and phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension Ñ and to apply the most effective instructional plans, methods and resources in their practice. In addition, this masters in reading course focuses on methods for assessing reading progress in individuals and groups and ideas for differentiating instruction for diverse learners.

RDG 510 Reading Diagnosis & Differentiated Instruction For Diverse Learners

This online reading education course examines formal and informal literacy assessments; identifies appropriate strategies for remediation of reading disabilities; and plans differentiated instructional methods with emphasis on phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. This masters in reading online course also develops a comprehensive assessment vocabulary in order to administer, interpret, and evaluate assessment instruments. Field experience and a case study component will demonstrate integration of course knowledge and classroom practices.

RDG 610 Reading in the Content Areas

This online reading education course focuses on ways to integrate effective reading strategies into all subject areas of the curriculum. Participants will learn strategies for supporting the comprehension of nonfiction texts and the development of content-area vocabulary, as well as motivational techniques for reluctant learners.

RDG 615 The Reading & Writing Connection

This online reading education course focuses on the writing process and its role in literacy development. As students become fluent readers, they need to balance their literacy time with various types of writing. Participants apply research-based instructional strategies to integrate writing into all subject areas. Specific techniques such as mini-lessons, error analysis, conferencing and using portfolios are addressed. Each step of the writing process is examined as participants design units of study for their teaching practice.

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