Social media

Contact: Christine Malmsten
Effective date: Pending approval
Purpose: To provide best practices and guidelines for use of the Library's social media accounts
Scope: This policy applies to all Library staff and faculty


Social media tools enable the Marygrove College Library to share what's happening in the Library with the world, but more importantly let us hear directly and immediately from students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends about what is important to them. Engaging our community in conversation is one of the key reasons we use social media.

The Library's primary social media presences are:



As Library staff decide when or if to open a new social media account, remember to:

Secure approval from the Library Management Team and/or the Department of Communications & Marketing
Define your goals and choose a social media tool that best fits those goals
Identify a coordinator to take responsibility for maintaining an active online presence


Be transparent: identify who you are and define your role in the Library when posting as a professional on others' social media sites
Remember that everything you do online can and will live forever
Be a valued community member: be active, timely, and respectful on your and others' sites
Accept and monitor comments
Separate the personal from the professional
Correct mistakes
Promote your online presence


Obey the terms of service of social media sites
Protect confidential and proprietary information
Protect privacy, including your own: be honest about yourself but don't provide personal information that can be used by hackers or identity thieves
Respect copyright and fair use
Do not use Marygrove logos or images on personal social media sites, or to promote a product, cause, or political candidate
If your personal and professional social media accounts refer to one another, use a disclaimer saying that while you work for the Marygrove Library, anything you publish is your personal opinion and not necessarily that of the Marygrove Library or College
Protect the institutional voice: posts on social media sites should always remain professional in tone and in good taste


Understand the privacy settings of the social media site
Be aware of what information you're sharing with strangers
Make sure the image and profile you set up reflects the person you want to be known as
Find out whether it's possible to delete a post after it's been submitted
Ask for permission before posting someone else's image or information
Make sure your equipment has firewalls and virus/spyware protections


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