Faculty compliance with policies

Contact: Frank White
Effective Date: September 10, 1999
Purpose: To explain the purpose of circulation policies and to specify sanctions for non-compliance by faculty and staff members
Scope: This policy applies to faculty and staff of Marygrove College

Statement of Policy

Marygrove's library exists to serve all members of our College community. When even a few library patrons do not comply with circulation policies, the other members of the community are denied equal benefits of membership.

The penalty for faculty and staff who fail to return or renew library materials after non-response to a third overdue notice is immediate suspension of library borrowing privileges for the semester or until the overdue materials have been renewed or returned.

In the event the item is lost, the faculty or staff member is responsible for replacement costs plus a standard $10 processing fee. The replacement cost will be the actual cost of the item or, if actual cost is unknown, a $50 flat fee for print materials and $100 for audio-visual materials. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until either the item is returned or replaced.

Date created: April 10, 2000
Date of latest revision: January 16, 2008

Books & Media

Books & Media

The Nancy A. McDonough Geschke Library offers a large catalog of books and media for borrowing. Materials are also available through the Catholic Consortium libraries, as well as through interlibrary loan.

Articles & Databases

Articles & Databases

Students can use the Nancy A. McDonough Geschke Library's variety of databases in order to find useful articles, maps, reference books, dissertation abstracts, and other documents.

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