Language Arts Minor

The requirements for a Language Arts minor are 26 credit hours (with at least 9 hours at the 300 or 400 level), including:

A. Required Courses
ENG 160 Introduction to Literature
ENG 205 Children's Literature ENG
260 Approaches to Literary Studies
ENG 317 The English Language: History, Structure, and Grammar
TRE 161 Introduction to Acting

B. Students minoring in Language Arts must also take one film course, such as:
ENG 290 Introduction to Film
ENG 303 Contemporary Studies: The Movies
ENG 306 From Novel to Film
ENG 361 Shakespeare on Film

Select from the following to equal 26 credit hours:

ENG 203 Literature: The Short Story
ENG 206 Introduction to Poetry
ENG 207 Introduction to Mass Media
ENG 222 Introduction to African-American Literature
ENG 322 Studies in African-American Literature
ENG 241 History of the Drama
ENG 275 Introduction to Classical Literature and Mythology
ENG 301 British Writers I
ENG 302 British Writers II
ENG 310 American Literature I
ENG 311 American Literature II
ENG 320 Selected Writers
ENG 321 Modern Poetry
ENG 331 Contemporary Drama
ENG 333 Detroit in Literature
ENG 350 World Literature
ENG 351 Shakespeare
ENG 352 The Novel
ENG 353 Contemporary Literature of Africa
ENG 361 Shakespeare on Film
ENG 370 Literature by Women

C. Electives

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