IHM Sponsorship

Mission Statement

The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary work in partnership with the administration, faculty, staff, and boards to uphold the integrity of the IHM mission in the schools, maintain academic excellence, and keep tradition alive in each of the schools for future generations.

The mission of the IHM-sponsored educational institutions includes personal and social transformation which witnesses to the liberating mission of Jesus. Sponsored schools, faithful to the mission of the IHM Congregation, educate in an environment permeated by the Gospel values of love, compassion, justice, reconciliation, and concern for the poor.

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Belief Statement

Inspired by their founders Theresa Maxis Duchemin and Louis Florent Gillet, the IHM Sisters have served the Catholic Church in various ministries, including education, since 1845. As the sponsor of educational institutions, the IHM Congregation holds the following beliefs:

  • We believe in a commitment to the liberating mission of Jesus with special focus on those who are poor, abandoned, or oppressed.
  • We believe in the development of a Christian community which witnesses to a profound respect for each human being and an acceptance of all persons.
  • We believe in challenging students to make decisions in the light of Gospel values and global realities.
  • We believe in encouraging students to act on behalf of justice.
  • We believe in a commitment to eradicate the causes of oppression and injustice through a feminist perspective that empowers all.
  • We believe in an ecological consciousness that fosters an interdependence of all nature, nurturing relationships that will enhance the well being of the earth and all persons.
  • We believe in fostering excellence in education.
  • We believe in a holistic education of persons, fostering self-motivation, flexibility, and openness to change.

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