Health Science


This degree can serve as a springboard for graduate work in a specific health-related field or lead to various occupations in the health field. The Health Science program is an interdisciplinary group major consisting of coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics, social science, business, and health science. No minor is required.

Areas of Concentration

  • Bachelor of Science, Health Science Group Major (B.S.)
  • Pre-Professional Concentration Bachelor of Arts, Health Science Group Major (B.A.)
  • Community Wellness and Public Health Concentration
  • Health Care Management Concentration
  • Health Science Minor


Administration (health care managers, case managers, supervisors, patient care services, medical staff relations)
Clerical (Health Unit Coordinator, Medical record keeper, hospital clerk)
Clinical Laboratory Science (cytotechnologist, histotechnologist, laboratory technician, medical assistant, clinical lab scientist)
Communication (biomedical illustrator, biostatistician, healthcare interpreter, health science writer)
Counseling (clinical social worker, alcohol/drug counselor, patient advocate; hospice worker)
Healthcare (nurse, nurse assistant, nurse practitioner, physical/occupational therapist, dental hygienist, dietician, physician assistant, physical therapist, chiropractor)
Public Health (epidemiologist, toxicologist, environmental/occupational health worker, healthcare educator)


Program Scheduling
The B.S. and B.A. programs in Health Science are primarily day programs, although some courses are offered in the evening on a rotating schedule.

Transfer Student Information:
The department accepts transfer credits according to the college guidelines. However, major coursework older than 10 years, from time of admittance, will be transferred in as elective credit and may not be applied to the major. Students may petition to the department chair for the older credits to be applied towards the major.

Credit for Prior Learning
Learning derived from life experiences and from individual study is of significant academic value and can often be equated with college-level studies. Students may earn credit by examination, tutorial study and cooperative work experience. Permission of the department chair is required to select these options. Not more than four credit hours in cooperative work experience may be counted within the 120 credit hours required for a degree.

Academic Performance Standard
Only required courses with a grade of C or better can be applied to fulfill the Health Science major and minor. Computer Literacy Requirement Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) must be achieved prior to graduation. Students computer literacy will be evaluated and assessed through the Junior and Senior seminar course sequence.

Computer Literacy Requirement
Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) must be achieved prior to graduation. Students computer literacy will be evaluated and assessed through the Junior and Senior seminar course sequence.

Writing Intensive Requirement
All science majors must take ISC 312: Junior Seminar as their writing intensive course. 

Senior Seminar Requirement
Students must successfully complete ISC 496A and ISC 496B in order to graduate with a Bachelor's in Health Science.

Internship/Cooperative Education
It is strongly encouraged that students participate in a summer undergraduate research experience either with a Marygrove College faculty member, or by securing an off-campus internship or fellowship before they graduate. Students may receive elective credit for an internship through HSC 388, HSC 488, and/or HSC 491.

Students may be eligible to win the following departmental awards based on their scholarly work. The Natural Sciences Department Award is given to the outstanding graduating science major. Women in the sciences are also eligible for the Suzanne Fleming Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a woman who demonstrates financial need, potential in science and on their scholarly work.

Pre-nursing Partnership
Marygrove College offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Science (Pre-professional concentration) that contains all of the prerequisites for Oakland Universitys Accelerated Second Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Marygrove College and Oakland University offer the opportunity to transition into an accelerated one-year program of study leading to a BSN degree. Once the BSN is completed at Oakland University students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam, and will have obtained two bachelor degrees. Students must be in good standing at Marygrove College and meet all of the pre-admission screening requirements to qualify for admission into the Accelerated Second Degree BSN Program at Oakland Universitys School of Nursing. Note that completion of the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the nursing program at Oakland University. For further information, contact Dr. Jeanne Andreoli, Chair, Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

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