Hallmarks of the College


True greatness is measured at the microscopic level.

If your foundation is cracked, whatever you build is destined to fall. If it is solid, you can build to celestial heights. At Marygrove, we want to build the leaders of tomorrow. In order to do that, we must ensure our own foundation is pure. The following hallmarks are our promise to you and to the grand tradition that is Marygrove College.

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Curricular Focus on Leadership Development

As an intentionally small college, Marygrove places a high priority on the development of leadership skills through curricular and extra-curricular experiences including student government, performing arts, peer tutoring, mentoring programs, community service, and college-wide committee work.

Excellent Teaching in a Personalized Learning Environment

Marygrove faculty members offer excellent instruction, careful attention to individual student needs, and thorough academic advising.

Close Faculty/Student Interaction and Cross-Departmental Cooperation

Faculty is available for student consultation after class, during scheduled office hours, and by appointment. There are many opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning experiences. Faculty and students often collaborate on college projects and committees. 

An Aesthetically Beautiful Campus

Many have called Marygrove one of Detroit’s most beautiful locations. All agree that it is the city’s most beautiful campus, creating a perfect atmosphere for learning with its peaceful wooded lawns and Tudor Gothic buildings. 

Intentional Racial and Cultural Diversity Among Student Body and Staff

Marygrove places a high value on its diverse student body — women and men of all ages with various cultural‚ ethnic and political backgrounds. Serious attempts are made to recruit faculty and staff who will serve as excellent role models for students.

Development of a Learning Community Animated by Religious Values

The College’s deep commitment to Christian values is rooted in the mission and values of its founders, the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This commitment underscores every aspect of college life. The faculty, staff and students share the goal of creating a just and caring learning community. They view their college as a kind of prototype of the world we all hope for and work toward. 

Focus on Action Toward Social Justice

Students and faculty are engaged in a variety of campus-initiated projects, coalitions, and local and national organizations committed toward various ends consonant with the IHM Sisters’ and Marygrove College’s goals of eliminating the social causes of injustice. 

Service to the People of Detroit and the Detroit Urban Region

The College actively participates in the civic, cultural and community life of Detroit and encourages students to do likewise. Its division of Continuing Education opens Marygrove’s doors to thousands of Detroiters each year.

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