Graduate Application Procedures

  1. Submit a graduate application(varies by program)
  2. Have official transcripts indicating the degree(s) the student has earned and any other undergraduate and graduate courses completed sent directly from those colleges/universities to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  3. The “career plan” is a description of the applicant’s life/career goals and an explanation of how the particular graduate program to which the student is applying will assist in realizing his/her objectives. It should be typed or printed and is not to exceed two pages.
  4. A copy of a Teacher Certification is required for Master in the Art of Teaching, Reading and Educational Leadership applicants.
  5. Submit the above documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions. The student will not be allowed to complete more than six credit hours prior to formal admission to a specific graduate program


  1. Arrange for an interview with the program coordinator of the graduate program for which the student is applying. (This does not apply to MAT applicants.)
  2. Complete probationary hours (if applicable).


Students living out of state may substitute a letter for an interview with the program coordinator. However, an interview must be scheduled as soon as possible after actual enrollment (except for MAT applicants).



A student can earn a second master’s degree at Marygrove College if the second degree program of study is different from the first and both the program coordinator and Dean of Graduate Studies approve the plan of study. Students seeking a second master’s degree can transfer six or nine graduate credit hours from the first degree program to the second, provided the hours fall within the time limit specified for a master’s degree earned at Marygrove College. Note that the total number of credits transferred depends upon the number of credit hours required for the second degree. This information can be found in the “Transfer Credit” section and “Academic Policy” section of the Graduate Catalog.



If a student is interested in graduate courses for enrichment, the student must submit, before the first day of class, an application and a copy of either a transcript or diploma indicating the date of conferral of an undergraduate degree. In lieu of a transcript or diploma, the student must have an affidavit indicating the student has an undergraduate degree.



Admission to the Teacher Certification Program is distinct from admission to the College. Candidates for graduate programs leading to a teaching certificate must meet all criteria for admission to the Teacher Certification Program. Currently, the two graduate programs leading to Teacher Certification are Sage and Griot. These criteria are listed with the Sage and Griot program descriptions.



Graduate students matriculating at other accredited educational institutions are welcome to take courses at Marygrove College for the purpose of transferring credit to another home institution. Written permission must come from the Registrar or the Director of Graduate Studies of the home institution. A graduate guest form from the home institution or the Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) form must be filled out before being admitted and registered at Marygrove College. This form must also bear the seal of the college/university.

Please note that the student will need to submit the guest form to the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to the beginning of the registration period of the term for which the student is enrolling.


If a student is a foreign national and wishes to pursue graduate studies at Marygrove College, the student is subject to the same admission standards and processes described in Guest Applicants with additional requirements based upon INS regulations. These additional requirements include:

English Language Requirements
If the student’s native language is not English, the student is required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) administered by the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey. Or the student may take the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency offered by the Testing and Certification Bureau, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Only students with TOEFL scores of 500 or higher will be considered. Both examinations are readily available in centers located abroad. When making arrangements for either examination, test results should be forwarded to Marygrove College, Office of Graduate Admissions, 8425 West McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221-2599 USA.

Statement of Finances
The student must be able to prove that sufficient funds are available to meet all expenses for the school year as well as for vacation periods. A Statement of Finances is therefore required and must accompany the application for admission.

If the student is being sponsored for study in the United States by their own government, by the U.S. government, or by a relative or friend, this must be so stated and the person responsible for payment of educational and personal expenses must sign the statement. In order to be considered valid, all Statements of Finances must be notarized. Marygrove does not provide financial aid to international students.

Certificate of Health and Insurance
The Medical Examination and the Emergency Treatment Procedure Forms must be filled out and returned to the Office of Graduate Admissions at Marygrove prior to the issuing of a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20). This medical examination record will become part of the permanent health record.

All international students are required to purchase a health insurance policy providing for full hospital and medical coverage during their entire stay in this country as a student. Proof of payment of premiums must be presented to the Office of Graduate Admissions prior to initial registration. The international student may purchase health insurance from the business office.

Compliance with INS Regulations
Please note that in order to maintain F-1 student status, students must “pursue a full course of study and make normal (satisfactory) progress towards completion of a course of study.” For graduate students at Marygrove College a full course of study is defined as six credit hours per term, with the exception of the Griot and Sage programs where a full course of study is nine credit hours. There may be certain exceptions when a student is in the last semester. The Graduate Admissions Office must receive all materials two months prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student plans to enroll.

Note that international students are required to report any status changes to the Graduate Admissions Office, such as an address change or a change in registration.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

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