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If your idea of learning is to dive right in and experience life firsthand, you'll love these innovative programs in math, science and the arts.

Our specialized institutes harness highly experiential avenues of study. Students and teachers build knowledge and skill through a broad spectrum of experiences in mathematics, science, the arts, and a wealth of Detroit-area cultural opportunities.

For example, in Art-Infused Education courses, K-12 students might learn mathematical concepts through exposure to music, or use dance moves to understand principles of science.

The Institute of Music & Dance programs nurture each individual's inherent creativity regardless of background, ability, or age.

The Institute for Detroit Studies builds appreciation of Detroit's unique contributions through lectures, readings, exhibits, performances, research, and visiting scholars.

The Institute for Science and Mathematics Education focuses on innovative teaching methods to promote mastery as well as enthusiasm for science and math, both in theory and practical application.

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