Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will financial aid pay for classes that I repeat?
A:   Financial aid is available to repeat a course twice, if it is failed (E grade).  Financial aid is available to repeat a course once if you receive a passing grade (D- or greater).  There is no limit on the number of times financial aid is available for withdrawn classes.

Q: I've been selected for verification. What does that mean?
A: The federal processor has the right to verify any and all information you submit on your FAFSA. If you are selected for verification, you must provide all required documentation before your financial aid award will be completed.

Q: How do I notify you of my private scholarships?
A: You may submit a copy of your scholarship letter to the financial aid office. You may also email the financial aid office at and let us know that you are expecting additional financial assistance. Once we receive your notice, we will add an estimated award to your financial aid package and make any necessary adjustments to your package.

Q: How do I decrease the amount of loan I was awarded on WebAdvisor?
A: To reduce the amount of loan, please forward your request from your Marygrove email account to the financial aid office at Tell us how much you want and for each term. We will make the adjustment and email you to view WebAdvisor for the changes.

Q: What happens if I drop or withdraw from my classes?
A: If you withdraw from your classes some or all of the financial aid may be returned to the appropriate federal agency. Whenever you drop or withdraw from courses, you should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine how it will impact your financial aid.

Q: What can I do if I become unemployed?
A: If you experience life altering changes (job loss, job change, etc.) we may be able to help. Pick up or request a Special Circumstance Appeal Form from the Financial Aid Office and complete it. Return the form and all required documentation to the Finanacial Aid Office for review. You will be notified via your Marygrove College email account of the decision.

Q: How does the Michigan Education Trust (MET) contract affect my financial aid eligibility?
A: Your MET contract does not affect your federal financial aid. Your loan eligibility may be reduced.