Ethnic / Cultural Studies

Marygrove College offers minors in Ethnic/Cultural Studies and African-American Studies and certificates in African-American Studies and Womens Studies designed to foster inter-ethnic understanding and to provide a sound basis for educating students and interested others on the activities, contributions, and impact of African-Americans, Native-Americans, Asians, Arabs, Latinos, and Women on the Americas. This is essential in preparing students for a complex world, given the growing importance of diversity in the workplace and in society at large. The two minors and two certificate programs, though multi-disciplinary in nature, are offered through the Social Science Department. Ethnic and Cultural Studies offers both day and evening courses.

Areas of Concentration

  • Minor in Ethnic/Cultural Studies
  • Minor in African-American Studies
  • Certificate in African American Studies
  • Certificate in Womens Studies

Each minor and certificate enhances the career preparation for social work, psychology, social science, allied health and business majors.

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Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

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