Master of Arts in Educational Leadership


The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program is designed to prepare candidates with advanced knowledge and skills in leading and managing a school committed to the success of all students. The program focuses on preparing candidates to serve as the instructional leader in the school, ensuring both a supportive environment and rich learning experiences for students and adults. Candidates learn to effectively engage the systems within which schooling is embedded by understanding and applying principles of system theory in their planning, decision making, and change processes. They examine the relationships among social justice, school culture and student achievement and are challenged to work for a school vision and culture of high expectations and equitable opportunities for all students. Additionally, candidates gain foundational knowledge in organizational theory and educational research.


K - 12 Administrator, Program Coordinator, Instructional Supervisor, Director, or Department Head


The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership program is for those who have completed their undergraduate studies, hold a teaching certificate, and are interested in becoming a K-12 administrator. The program is offered online. Students who are currently principals are able to submit a professional portfolio to be reviewed for consideration of waiving Internship II (EDL 687).


  • Submit a graduate application
  • Send official transcripts for the bachelor degree-awarding institution to Marygrove College: Office of Admissions
  • Have a minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Create a Career Plan
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from individuals who can speak to the candidate‚Äôs leadership potential
  • Present an elementary or secondary teaching certificate


The elective course is a sociology course SOC 506 OR SOC 593


  • 30-33 credit hours
  • Must complete an Administrative Practicum/Internship II if you are not currently in a principal role
  • Take the Praxis test (or similar exam) during the Internship I course. The additional cost for the test and reports are the responsibility of the student.


EDL 515 Executive Leadership and Decision Making (3)
EDL 516 Managerial Finance (3)
EDL 529 Introduction to Management and Leadership (3)
EDL 537 Curriculum Theory and Development (3)
EDL 627 Legal Issues in Education (3)
EDL 647 Supervision of Staff and Staff Development (3)
EDL 677 Internship I (3)
EDL 687 Internship II (3) (required for all students who are not currently principals)


EDL 512 Organizational Theory and Management (3)
EDL 602 Introduction to Educational Research (3)

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