Lenolia Gaddy

Lenolia Gaddy


Migration to Detroit: Lenolia Na-Na Gaddy migrated to Detroit as a young girl. She recounts her life from her migration from Armory, Mississippi and the racial tension known there to the booming city of Detroit where she experienced a different lifestyle. She lived through two historical points in Detroits history and gave accounts of both the 1943 Race Riot and the Detroit Riot of 1967. Ms. Gaddy has resided in Detroit for over 80 years.

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  • Date Interviewed: Thursday, 06 March 2014
  • Interviewer: Sherry McClendon


Migration within U.S.

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Marygrove Archives ARC-SP 0100 File #38


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McClendon, S. (Interviewer) & Gaddy, L. (Interviewee). (2014). Lenolia Gaddy: Migration within the U.S. [Interview transcript]. Retrieved from The John Novak Digital Interview Collection of the Marygrove College: https://www.marygrove.edu/detroit-journeys

Detroit Journeys Collection

Detroit Journeys Collection

The Detroit Journeys Collection features interviews focusing on the experiences of individuals migrating within the U.S. or from outside the U.S. to Detroit, Michigan.

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Experiences Collection

The Experiences Collection features two sections. The first section includes interviews with women from Bennett College who participated in the Woolworth's Lunch Counter civil rights demonstration in Greensboro, North Carolina. The second section includes interviews with migrant workers from Homestead, Florida.

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