Henry Revell, Jr. Part 2

Henry Revell, Jr.


Henry Revell began playing baseball with his family at age 9 and loved it "more than food to eat." He learned how to pitch from his father, and used to play three innings during his lunch break from farm work. During his four years of high school, the only person to hit a home run off of one of his pitches was George Altman, who became the first black player for the Chicago Cubs. Mr. Revell hadn't seriously considered attending college, but after a day-long try-out with a North Carolina A & T coach, he was awarded a baseball scholarship to A & T, where he majored in agriculture. He entered the service after graduation and played ball there as well, doing his best to focus on his technique while facing discrimination as the team's only black player. He says, "It’s just been a beautiful experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything."

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  • Date Interviewed: Sunday, 01 August 2010
  • Interviewer: Noah Purcell


Civil Rights Experiences

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Detroit Journeys Collection

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Experiences Collection

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